Volunteer Association

The Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association is a member of the Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario, a provincial association, providing guidance and educational opportunities for volunteers across Ontario.  By becoming a Sault Area Hospital Volunteer, you are considered a member of the SAH Volunteer Association and are most welcome to attend meetings, dinners, or to participate in special events.
You will have an opportunity to meet other volunteers, create lasting friendships and have a memorable time sharing stories and a few laughs as a member of the SAH Volunteer Association.

The SAH Volunteer Association Executive provides leadership for its mandate of service and fundraising in support of the SAH Foundation. The Association operates the gift shops and HELPP lottery tickets in addition to volunteering in patient care areas. Special fundraisers are held from time to time such as Christmas Boutiques, bake sales, raffles and card parties.


Current Fundraising Initiative:  The SAHVA has committed to fundraising $200,000 by 2019, towards the purchase of a $1.9 million CT scanner for the Sault Area Hospital.  By supporting the SAHVA fundraising events and initiatives, you assist in the purchase of leading-edge medical equipment which allows the medical professionals of our community hospital to continue to provide excellent care, close to home.  To help us reach our commitment, we have partnered with FundScrip, the largest gift card fundraising company in Canada. 


SAH Volunteer Association Executive is comprised of:

Chair - Jim Aquino
Vice Chair - VACANT
Past Chair - VACANT
Recording Secretary - Joan Buconjic
Correspondence Secretary - Jackie Tomchak
Treasurer - Velma McClelland
SAH Board of Directors Representative - Bill Kerr
SAH Student Representative – Michael Dawyd
Volunteer Resources Manager - Brandy Sharp Young (Non-Voting)


Gift Shop - Representative - Lillian Faubert
Gift Shop - Treasurer - Brenda Filek
HELLP Lottery - Arlene Pearce
Fundraising Committee - Nicolas Turco (Non-Voting)


Members at Large
Susie Williams
Megan Gray
Peggy Storey-Inkster
Giselle Chiarello - SAH Foundation Representative (Non-Voting)
Rick Wark - HAAO Representative (Non-Voting)



If you are interested in joining the SAH Volunteer Association team, please contact:

SAH Volunteer Resources Department
email: sharpyoungb@sah.on.ca