Featuring Sherri McGuire

Sherri McGuire
An employee of 34 years, Sherri McGuire has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her role as the Preferred Accommodations Clerk. When she began at SAH, she worked in various programs as a unit assistant and in the admitting/registration department.

In her current position, Sherri works closely with patients, the admitting/registration department and unit staff to ensure that patients receive their preferred 

type of accommodations, while maximizing revenue for the hospital. Sherri will often times, go to patients’ rooms to meet with them and explain their choices and their accounts. “It’s important to me that the patient receives the bed accommodation of their choice and that the right charges appear on the patient’s account. Sherri interacts with patients, their families, insurance companies and employers to ensure the hospital has the correct information to facilitate a seamless experience for the patient. She updates the patient account in the computer system so that all staff are aware of what type of accommodation has been requested.

Over the years, Sherri has worked extensively with patients, families, staff, and physicians and has thoroughly enjoyed her career at SAH. “My job offers a good balance of working directly with patients and performing a variety of administrative duties. I really enjoy working with patients because it’s satisfying to put their minds at ease. They are here because they are unwell and I want to make sure they have one less thing to worry about when they are in hospital.”

Sherri is looking forward to retirement next year and is planning to be married in the near future. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, walking, going to the beach and biking. We salute Sherri for her many years of service and for consistently demonstrating our value of compassion in her interactions with our patients!