The Paediatrics department of Sault Area Hospital provides inpatient services for children from infancy up to their 19th birthday in a family-centered environment.

Our caring, specialized team is dedicated to providing individualized, family-centred, quality care for children requiring medical, surgical and mental health services, in an inpatient and outpatient capacity. Our team consists of paediatricians, physicians, registered nurses, registered respiratory therapists, social workers, a registered dietitian and a Child Life Worker.

Parents are encouraged to stay 24 hrs a day to support and comfort their children. One parent is welcome to stay overnight with their child.

Child Life Worker
Provides educational services to young patients that are admitted to the paediatric unit for day surgery and treatment. The Child Life Worker (CLW) also provides diversional activities to help alleviate pain and stress while in hospital. In addition, the CLW provides infant hearing screening services to newborn babies in the Combined Care Unit and the NICU.

Kids Health

Immunizations protect your child against several serious, life-threatening infectious diseases. Your child should have "shots" according to the schedule recommended for your province, state, or country. For more specific information, contact your child's physician, or the local public health nurse for your community.

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