Ambulatory Care

The Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) at Sault Area Hospital provides services for eight separate clinics:


• Colposcopy

• Cystoscopy

• Endoscopy

• Medical Surgical (Minor Medical/Surgical Procedures)

• Minor Procedures Clinic

• Ophthalmology

• Orthopedic Clinic

• Pre-Admission (Pre-Surgery Preparation, Diagnostics and Patient Education)


Specialists at each clinic rely on the ACU to coordinate a variety of Sault Area Hospital resources including nursing and support staff, special equipment and examination rooms, xray, and lab tests for procedures that need to be performed in a hospital setting. The ACU is primarily an outpatient unit for patients who do not require admission for their procedures and tests.


The ACU operates completely on a referral basis, and appointments to all clinics are made directly through the physicians’ offices. Patients do not directly book appointments with the ACU.


Hours of operation of the ACU depend on volume and the day of the week, but generally reception is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Individual clinics within the ACU operate on their own schedules.



Medication Record Book

When it comes to your health, knowledge is the best medicine. Use this booklet to record your medications, medical conditions, allergies and other health information. Keep it up to date (your doctor, pharmacist or nurse can help you) and bring it with you to medical appointments or when
you go to a clinic or the hospital.

Learn about patient medication records here.