Ambulance Services

In accordance with Ministry of Health Legislation (Health Insurance Act, Reg. 552) hospitals are required to bill a co-payment charge to patients for the use of an ambulance.
The rates set by the Ministry are as follows:

  • $45 for a patient with valid Ontario Health Insurance
  • $240 for a medically unnecessary ambulance
  • $240 for a Non-resident of Canada or an Uninsured resident
  • $240 for Out of Province Health Insurance

Please Note: Collection follow up of these accounts cannot be handled individually due to the large volume. Unpaid ambulance bills will be sent to our external Collection Agency 30 days after we issue a FINAL NOTICE.

Unbillable Categories
If you are not subject to billing for these services e.g. if you are receiving Ontario Works Benefits, Gains Supplement or Homecare, please attach proof (e.g. a Statement of Receipt or a Gains Supplement Statement) to the invoice and mail the invoice back to us at:

Patient Billing
Sault Area Hospital
750 Great Northern Road
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
P6B 0A8

Payment Options

Patients now have the choice of paying their hospital bill either on line or by automated phone at 1-877-671-5987 using either Visa or Mastercard.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or phone (705) 759-3434 ext. 4422 with your questions.